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At Decorative Crossing, our success in transforming the streets and pathways of the United Kingdom with our decorative crossings is driven by the dedication, expertise, and passion of our talented team. Get to know the individuals who bring creativity and innovation to every project:

Sarah Turner – Founder and CEO

Sarah founded Decorative Crossing with a vision to enhance the aesthetics and safety of the UK’s public spaces. With over 20 years of experience in urban design and project management, Sarah is the driving force behind our company’s success.

Sarah’s commitment to excellence and his creative vision have set the bar high for our projects.

Ellie Franks – Creative Director

As our Creative Director, Ellie infuses artistic flair into every decorative crossing we install. With a background in fine arts and design, she ensures that our projects not only meet safety standards but also serve as beautiful, eye-catching additions to their surroundings.

Ellie’s passion for aesthetics is evident in every project we undertake.

David Wright – Project Manager

David is the heartbeat of our operations. As the Project Manager, he oversees the planning, execution, and completion of every installation. His meticulous attention to detail and commitment to timelines ensure that our decorative crossings are delivered with precision and efficiency.

Emma Davis – Customer Relations Manager

Emma is the friendly face of Decorative Crossing. She takes pride in building strong relationships with our clients and partners. Her dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched, and she ensures that every client’s vision is brought to life through our services.

Mark Wilson – Lead Designer

Mark is the visionary behind our decorative crossing designs. With a background in urban planning and architecture, he combines form and function seamlessly. His innovative designs have won acclaim for their ability to enhance the character of communities across the UK.

Jane Parker – Safety and Compliance Specialist

Safety is paramount in our projects, and Jane plays a crucial role in ensuring that our installations meet all safety and regulatory standards. Her expertise in safety protocols and compliance guarantees that our decorative crossings not only look stunning but also prioritise pedestrian safety.

Richard Grant – Installation Supervisor

Richard brings hands-on expertise to our team. As the Installation Supervisor, he oversees the installation process on-site, ensuring that our decorative crossings are implemented to perfection. His experience and technical knowledge are invaluable to our projects.

Sally Evans – Community Outreach Coordinator

Sally connects Decorative Crossing with the communities we serve. She works closely with local residents and authorities to ensure that our projects align with community needs and values. Her dedication to fostering positive relationships makes us a trusted partner in every region we work.

Together, this dynamic team at Decorative Crossing combines creativity, expertise, and a commitment to excellence to deliver decorative crossings that enhance the beauty and safety of streets and pathways across the United Kingdom.

We take great pride in our work and look forward to continuing to serve our communities with passion and dedication.

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